Melotte Financial Advisors is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA) providing fee-only investment management and financial planning serving clients around the nation.

You spend over two-thirds of your life either educating yourself for work or working. During those working years you sacrifice and forego some spending in order to put money away so you can eventually retire and be financially independent.

My job is to help you become and remain financially independent as well as to get the most from your assets on a tax-adjusted, risk-adjusted, fee-adjusted basis!

Melotte Financial Advisors, LLC (MFA) is a fee-only registered investment advisor. This means I do not sell insurance, annuities, or any other commissionable financial products. The purpose is to eliminate conflicts of interest ensuring my interests are aligned with yours.

Contact me for a free portfolio review.

The review includes an analysis of investment allocation, risks and current expenses along with suggestions for improvements.