About Me

Throughout my career I’ve worked with families from various industries and stages of life, including; Fortune 100 executives, a Hollywood writer/actor/director/producer, business owners, young W-2 employees, doctors, attorneys, retirees and everyone in between. I have extensive experience with many different circumstances.

My firm size allows me to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and is conducive for quick, nimble decision-making. My size and high advisor-client ratio allows me to get to know my clients extremely well, meet with them often and provide personalized service.

I serve as my clients’ personal CFO by managing their investment portfolios, planning for their retirement, and coordinating estate, gifting and tax strategies with their estate attorneys and accountants.

I am a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

I am an independent registered investment advisor. This means I do not sell any products: no insurance sales, no annuity sales, no commissioned product sales whatsoever.

The purpose is to mitigate conflicts of interest.

I am bound to the Fiduciary Standard which requires I put my clients’ interests above my own.

My primary objective when working with my clients is to help them become, and remain, financially independent for the rest of their lives through both good and bad market               environments.