Become A Client

I’ve provided an outline of what you can expect during the initial stages along with information you’ll want to have available so we can make the most of our first meetings together. This is a guideline as each situation is unique.

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

Step 2: Activate your online portal logon

After our intro meeting is scheduled, I will set you up on my online portal. The portal includes a secured Document Vault so we can securely share sensitive information / documents with each other.

You’ll receive an activation email with a temporary password.

Step 3: Complete and upload (or mail) the Data Gathering Form, along with supporting documents, to the portal in advance of our meeting

Financial Plan Data Gathering Form

Some folks prefer not to provide this much detail up front and rather have a more general introductory meeting, which is perfectly fine. Provide as much as you’re comfortable with. You drive the process.

Step 4: Execute Advisory Agreement and account forms

Upon agreeing to work together, I will provide you with the Advisory Agreement, which formalizes our relationship, along with account applications and transfer forms. These can all be executed electronically via DocuSign.