Financial Services

Financial Advisory Services

Financial advisory services begin with a comprehensive Financial Plan that seeks to identify progress towards financial goals, potential threats to financial independence that need to be mitigated and opportunities to improve your long-term financial health.

The Plan serves as our financial blueprint. All Plan materials are included in a custom-embossed, leather bound binder. Clients bring their binder to each subsequent review meeting.

The Plan helps us identify the most appropriate investment strategy balancing the need for growth with the need to manage various risks. The purpose is to reduce a negative impact to your long-term financial independence arising from market and economic events outside our control.

The Plan also helps us identify tax and estate strategies to maximize the after-tax value of your wealth for you and your heirs.

The Plan helps us identify if there are any gaps in insurance coverage that need to be addressed.

You can see why it is so critical to begin each new engagement with the Financial Plan as it drives all major financial decisions.

5 Ways Financial Planning Can Help (Charles Schwab)

Sample financial planning binder
Comprehensive financial planning and investment management for high-net-worth households

Complimentary Portfolio Review

This free review is offered to prospects who are considering hiring me or simply want a second opinion on their current portfolio.

The review typically includes an analysis of current allocation, underlying holdings, discussion of risks, and total expenses.

There is no obligation for this review. All that is required to get started are recent statements for all investment accounts (retirement plans, 401(k), 403(b), Trust, IRA, Roth IRA, other non-qualified, annuities, etc…).