Investment Management

Getting Your Assets to Work For You

You work hard, you sacrifice, and you save. My job is to get those savings working for you.

Some investors need growth, others just need income and still others need something in between. No matter your stage in life, I am there to guide you through it all.

My approach to investment management is also an exercise in risk management, expense management, and tax management so that we can optimize your risk-adjusted, fee-adjusted, tax-adjusted returns.

I take the reins once your financial projections are complete, and we’ve determined the most appropriate investment strategy for your unique circumstances, resources, and objectives. I maintain discretionary authority over your portfolio while reporting and consulting with you all along the way.

Investments employed in your portfolio

MFA client portfolios are primarily constructed using a blend of active mutual funds, passive mutual funds, individual bonds and stocks, ETFs and, less often, even options.

Third-party custody services provided by Charles Schwab.

Underlying expenses

The underlying expenses of MFA client portfolios are very low. The weighted-average expense ratio of assets under management are about 0.17%!

Comparatively, most retail investments are in excess of 1.00% so we usually find that  MFA’s advisory fee, which includes ongoing financial planning in addition to investment management, is offset by the lower underlying expenses of the investments!

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