Personalized Financial Solutions

Do one or more of these scenarios speak to you?

Then we’ll be a great fit together…

“I am frustrated waiting days to have my calls and emails returned.”
I pride myself on my responsiveness. If a client has to wait even a couple hours for a response from me, that is uncharacteristically long.

“I am nearing retirement or have recently retired.”
Many folks nearing retirement may have self-managed their portfolios for their entire careers, but now that they are actually approaching retirement they need reassurance they are indeed ready and managing their finances appropriately.

The most critical “investing period” of most people’s life is the 10-14 year period surrounding their retirement date as they are most susceptible to large market downturns / losses during this period of time. This concept is referred to “Sequence of Returns Risk.” Portfolio risk must be managed more carefully during this period than ever.

Additionally, early retirement often provides many great tax planning opportunities given many retirees suddenly find themselves in a very low tax bracket. Many decisions must be carefully made regarding when to withdraw money from various financial “buckets” (pre-tax accounts, tax-free accounts, taxable accounts, Social Security benefits, pension benefits, annuities, etc…). For many folks, conversions from pre-tax retirement accounts to tax-free Roth IRAs (i.e. Roth Conversions) and/or capital gain harvesting are valuable tax planning opportunities.

Decisions of when and from where to withdraw funds can greatly impact the after-tax value of your financial resources, your lifetime income, and the achievement of your financial goals.

“I want custom solutions tailored to my unique circumstances, not generic models.”
My low client-advisor ratio allows to build and manage custom solutions for each household’s unique circumstances. Risk questionnaires and age-based programs don’t adequately address nuances with each family’s situation, goals, cash flow needs, biases and financial resources.

“I am concerned the stock market is overvalued and could experience significant losses.”
I share your concerns. I will provide education and historical data that supports this view. We then develop the most prudent investment strategy to balance the need for returns with the need to manage risk appropriately in order to maximize the probability of achieving your financial goals across a variety of market environments.

“I don’t trust commissioned brokers and insurance salespeople.”
There is heightened potential for abuse and conflicts of interest when an advisor is compensated via third-party commissions, which I am not. You may not even know this is how your advisor is being compensated or how much they’re being compensated. These conflicts could lead to recommendations that are not in your best interest but simply provide the greatest commission to the ‘advisor.’

“I want someone to help me proactively plan my future in addition to simply managing my portfolio.”
One of the first things I do with clients is prepare a Financial Plan that includes long-term projections and a variety of scenarios unique to your circumstances. The Plan serves as the blueprint for all major financial decisions we make together, which is why it is so important to do at the beginning of our relationship.