This Quality Drives My Wife Nuts

I admit it. I’m not perfect. It’s possible I possess a quality or two that occasionally drive my wife crazy (not in a good way). I’m really curious to hear her response upon reading this, btw.

One of those qualities is that I’m annoyingly, obsessively rational. Sometimes this may make me come off as “cold” or blunt, which isn’t always ideal, but it does make me extremely well-suited to manage money.

The reason this quality is an advantage in investing is because markets are not always rational precisely because market participants aren’t always rational. In fact, people become quite emotional when it comes to their money…understandably so. But that means people who can leave emotions out of it and remain objective have an advantage over time. Continue reading “This Quality Drives My Wife Nuts”

What can we learn from Bitcoin?

For those of you that follow Bitcoin, you know it’s had a volatile couple months. In early-June the price of a Bitcoin hit about $3,000 at which point many articles were written about how high it could go, etc… It then fell over $1,000 down to about $1,900. That’s a 35% drop in about 1 month (see chart below) before recovering once again. That is not the interesting part….


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