Toilet Paper “Shortage” Solved

I’m again hearing stories of grocery store shelves emptied of toilet paper. Like many things in life, it’s actually a very simple problem to address but not always easy.

I’ve heard a lot of people exclaim how irrational it is that people are stocking up on toilet paper in response to this particular virus. But, I disagree. It’s actually quite rational.

After all, toilet paper doesn’t expire so it’ll be just as useful in five years as it is today so you don’t have to worry about buying more than you can quickly use since it doesn’t go bad anyway. Therefore, if you’re worried other people are going to raid the shelves it’s perfectly rational to want to get out ahead of it and stock up yourself ASAP.

This then leads to a cycle that feeds upon itself. As more people begin hearing stories of difficulty in obtaining toilet paper they rush to the stores and buy whatever they can get their hands on and the cycle continues.

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Confiscation Leads to Prosperity?

As hard as it might be to believe, income tax rates in this country have at times exceeded 90%. And, perhaps even more surprisingly, the country was relatively prosperous during those same periods. Not so surprisingly, the high tax rates are often attributed with the widespread national prosperity. But we know correlation does not equal causation. Check out the tweet below for just one such recent example.

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