Fees include ongoing planning, advisory and investment management. This includes coordinating with your accountants and estate attorneys to ensure we’re all on the same page working towards your goals.

Melotte Financial Advisors does not receive any commissions or remuneration from any third-party. I am compensated directly by my clients. This removes any conflicts of interests ensuring my interests are aligned with my clients’.

I find that for most clients at least half my fees (even more for larger clients) are offset by the lower expenses of the underlying investments compared to what they’ve been paying. This is because I use institutional mutual funds as opposed to higher-cost retail mutual funds. Most retail investors do not satisfy the minimum size requirements to access the lower-cost institutional funds on their own.

Advisory fees are debited directly from the investment accounts monthly in arrears. Annual equivalents are listed below:

• 1.0% on the first $1,000,000
• 0.6% on the next $4,000,000
• 0.3% on assets over $5,000,000

Minimum monthly fee is $400.