Melotte Financial Advisors does not receive any commissions or remuneration from any third-party. I am compensated solely and directly by my clients. This removes any conflicts of interests ensuring my interests are aligned with my clients’.

Advisory fees are debited directly from the investment accounts monthly in arrears. Annual equivalents are listed below:

• 1.0% on the first $1,000,000
• 0.6% on the next $4,000,000
• 0.3% on assets over $5,000,000

Minimum portfolio sizes apply.

Other underlying expenses

In addition to the advisory fee, ETFs and mutual funds used within the portfolios also have their own expenses. Most folks don’t have a good grasp of the expenses within their investments themselves, but it’s very important to manage those as well.

I’ve kept the underlying expenses of client portfolios extremely low. In fact, the weighted-average expense ratio of MFA assets under management is around 0.15%!

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