Complimentary Portfolio Review (Fees: None)

This free review is offered to prospects who are considering hiring me or simply want a second opinion on their current portfolio.

The review typically includes an analysis of current allocation, underlying holdings, discussion of risks, and total expenses.

There is no obligation for this review. All that is required to get started are recent investment account statements (401ks, 403bs, IRAs, Roth IRAs, taxable accounts, etc…).

Investment Management and Financial Planning (Fees: Tiered Schedule)

It is my view that an investment strategy cannot be developed for a client until financial projections are completed because the projections inform that decision along with many other important financial decisions. The financial projections serve as the blueprint for all future financial decisions. Therefore, typically the first thing I do with new clients is build out their financial projections, which are included with my fee, reviewed at each quarterly meeting and updated at least annually.

The financial projections incorporate bear market stress tests, which are critical in shaping the investment strategy especially for folks within 5-7 years of retirement or who have already retired within the last 5-10 years. After all, too much risk within that “critical” period can severely impair a family’s financial independence and jeopardize their financial goals.

My advisory service includes:

  • Financial planning to help us address the most important financial decisions.
  • Proactive portfolio management with investment decisions informed by market valuations and economic fundamentals.
  • Portfolios include a mix of both active and passive (index) mutual funds and ETFs along with occasional direct investments in individual stocks and bonds.
  • Options strategies when appropriate.
  • Tax efficient portfolio management (tax mitigation strategies and tax-efficient asset location).
  • Access to an award-winning client portal containing daily updates to numerous portfolio metrics.
  • Robust quarterly reporting with quarterly reviews.
  • Communication with and coordination of accountants, estate attorneys and insurance agents