We received confirmation yesterday afternoon that the Federal Reserve is pausing rate hikes.

That’s the first FOMC meeting without a rate hike since early last year. In that time the Fed has raised its target Fed Funds Rate ten times from 0% up to it’s current target range of 5% – 5.25% in an effort to fight inflation and take the economy off emergency life support.


As a result of rate hikes over the last year, short-term treasury yields are quite attractive at the moment and the highest in almost twenty years!

Annualized Yields:
6-month: 5.345%
9-month: 5.264%
1-year: 5.27%
2-year: 4.743%
3-year: 4.323%

If you’re confused why short-term yields would be higher than longer-term yields, I explain it in the short 3-minute video linked below.

This video has actually been my most popular video to date by far (click on image to view).




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