I’m breaking out a video camera and a whiteboard. This should be interesting.

Advisors too often use buzz words that mean much to them but very little to their clients. We, as advisors, often take this knowledge for granted and do a very poor job explaining the basics. Instead of helping, this just frustrates investors even more.

Well, I’m going to change all that with this video series, which for now I’m calling Free Investment Video Education (FIVE) until I come up with something more creative. Feel free to toss out some ideas. 😉

In this first video of my FIVE series (seriously, toss out some other ideas), I break down the most important of all investment concepts…DIVERSIFICATION.

You’re thinking, “Oh my god, Ken, I hear this word all the time. I get it…don’t put all your eggs on one basket.”

Yes, that’s the gist, but there’s more to it than that. So, in less than 7 minutes, or about half the time it takes to make a frozen pizza, I visually illustrate what diversification really means, how it’s achieved in your portfolio and why it is so dang important.

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